Notes on the Design of This Site

Switching Up

I’m a hobbyist developer / programmer. A byproduct of this is that I don’t typically have a “real” web project to work on, so I end up designing and redesigning my own website to try out new techniques, frameworks, and libraries.

I’m ending this annoying practice. It doesn’t promote actual writing (the apparent purpose of a blog) and just ends up a confusing mess of content strewn across multiple sites and folders.

Instead, I’ve decided to commit to a simple but functional site design: more or less what you’re seeing now. I may make minor changes as I notice problems, but ultimately I’m attempting to shift my focus to writing. Hopefully, this will force me to finally start some more interesting digital projects.

Design Notes

I’m going to use this post to collect information regarding my site design, in case others’ want to reference it for their own projects. Due to work contraints, this will probably roll out over a few phases, starting here with a basic list of the tools and technologies I used in this site design. It’s a living document, and I’ll timestamp revisions as I add them. If you want further explanation of something, feel free to mention it in the comment box below.

Tools and Technologies

I used the follow tools and technologies in the design of this site.

Rick Wysocki,