I'm a teacher, a reader, a technological tinkerer, and a tea-fiend. I hold a Ph.D in Rhetoric and Composition and teach courses on writing and communicating in both professional and university contexts in Ball State University's Professional Writing Major / Minor and Writing Program.

In my professional writing courses, I teach students to:

  • Create accessible, usable organizational documents.
  • Apply principles of content strategy and user-centered research.
  • Employ industry-standard tool, protocols, and practices--such as Figma, single-topic authoring, and web markup languages--and explore their role in the workplace.

In my Writing Program courses, students learn and practice qualitative and quantitative research, considering how research can be composed for diverse audiences within and outside the academy.

In my own research, I've explored how activist organizations use documentation and record-keeping practices to achieve social goals. This led to a peer-reviewed scholarly publication in Rhetoric Review titled "Disidentification and Documentation: LGBTQ Records as Emergent, Entangled Rhetoric."

I also have experience in both print-based and digital publishing and editorial work. During graduate school, I worked at the Henry James Review copyediting manuscripts, evaluating final proofs returned by our publisher (John Hopkins University Press), and corresponding with authors throughout the submission and publishing cycle.

Today, I serve as the Disputatio section editor at Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, which publishes born-digital scholarly work. In this role, I employ my knowledge of web-design and markup languages to help authors realize their digital publications and copyedit texts throughout our publishing process.

Other notable organizations and projects I've been involved with include:

  • The Soup Kitchen of Muncie, where I serve as a board member on grants and public relations / fundraising committees. Much of my current work focuses on researching grants to help fund the organization's 2023 operating budget. I also volunteer at the soup kitchen weekly.
  • A recent collaborative collection of research-based white-paper reports on Non-Tenure Faculty working conditions. This research was solicited by the Ball State University Writing Program. My section, co-authored with Kat Greene, offered research-based recommendations on best practices related to faculty teaching loads and student caps.
  • Making Future Matters, a collaborative and born-digital academic book. As a co-editor, I designed the basic structures of the website housing the author's self-designed webpages.

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