Dr. Rick Wysocki

Assistant Teaching Professor - PhD in Rhetoric and Composition. Queer archival rhetoric, new materialisms, and media theory.

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor and hold a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition. I research queer rhetoric, new materialism, and archives. Additionally, I have been involved in a number of digital publishing efforts, most notably as a Section Editor at Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy.

Thanks for visiting my site. I use this space to blog about things that interest and concern me, such as my research, academia, politics, and music. Additionally, I collect and post materials related to my research, teaching, and editorial work, though these will be added to the site in coming weeks.

When not working, I’m often immersed in learning something new, typically related to web development or music production. In the past, this has put my site a state of flux. I am currently rebuilding my site from scratch (though using Jekyll,1 of course) to try out some new libraries and frameworks I’ve been fiddling with. But I’m also trying, this time, to develop the site in a way that encourages iterative development and, more importantly, actual writing. So, the state of the site may be somewhat unfixed for the time being. Use it as an opportunity to remember: the only permanence is change.

  1. I love you, Jekyll.